Viewer4d is a software which was declined in several versions since 2006.
The passage of direct3d9 with direct3d11 required a complete recasting of the software.
At the same time, direct3d11 makes it possible to make much more things than before and with a better control.

This software makes it possible to integrate and carry out scenes 3D in an environment in real time.
As in the plays, returned is accelerated by your graphic card, each image must be returned at least 60 times a second for a fluid navigation.
With the functions of modeling present, one can make already much things and carry out relatively complex objects.
The modeling of a city, a motor bike or an apartment is completely possible with all kinds of objects.
The software regularly is followed and improved.
On the other hand, like any tool for creation, the software will ask for to the user a certain training and a certain reflection of its share.
It will find its use for all the graphic designers and creators.

-Navigation and rendering real-time
-Reflections, transparency, bump mapping, water effects
-Skeleton and cutscenes animations
-Elevation surfaces
-Modeling by bezier curves
-Import .dae (to ask) .3ds, .obj, export .obj

Necessary configuration:
- Windows 7, 8, 10/Direct3d 11
- Graphic card D3D11 (Shader model 5.0)

In the event of problems, it is advised to uninstall a previous model of the possible software completely. Check that all the files were removed (directory.\ Program Files (x86) \ Viewer4dv4) Then reinstall the new version.

Note for Windows 10:
If “Smartscreen” does not recognize the application, with this message, click on “information complementary”, then on “carrying out nevertheless”.
The program is signed and was certified, this message should not appear more normally.
If you have the message msvcr100.dll missing on your system, please reinstall (repair) the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1  redistributable package (x 86).

Note for the configurations NVIDIA/Intel or AMD/Intel:
In your control panel of the graphic card, please select the chart NVIDIA or AMD well.

Installation of directx
The package normally installs some components necessary and in particular xaudio2.7

The program is developed under visual studio 2010 in c++ and language hlsl for the shaders.

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