Viewer4d can be freely downloaded and used for free.
23/05/2016 Viewer4d v4.4.1
System requirements: Windows 7, 8, 10 / Direct3d 11, D3D11 graphic card (Shader model 5).
Windows 7,8,10 x86 Viewer4dv4install441_x86.EXE
Windows 10 x64       Viewer4dv4install441_x64_w10.EXE
Windows 10 x86 x64  Windows Store
Versions. EXE walk much better on average configurations (notebook..)
The version store is classified 3 + or some examples were excluded, and works well on a games configuration
The software has been tested on AMD and NVIDIA cards.
- Navigation and rendering real-time
- Shadow mapping
- Reflections, transparency, bump mapping, water effects
- Skeleton and cutscenes animations
- Modeling by bezier curves
- Import .dae (to ask) .3ds, .obj, export .obj

Dynamic shadows for all objects ( shadow mapping )

You can create the water with transparency and reflection effects, import characters to pose with animations (in the collada format), and then tweaking and animate them or even create the characters as this cat and this butterfly. You can generate the weights of deformation to join the elements of a character, create animation paths.
The realization of animations requires some practice nevertheless.
Can be cinematic quite easily, and then using software like fraps (+ software installation..), make videos.

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